Welcome to the Green Beetz Teacher Portal

Welcome to the Green Beetz Teacher Portal! Green Beetz is a non-profit that empowers elementary and middle school students to navigate the modern food system, and to make healthy and sustainable food choices. We provide teachers with a ready-to-teach, STEM, Next-Generation-aligned curriculum for 4th-7th grade classrooms. Through innovative media tools and hands-on activities, students learn about how their food choices matter -- not just for the health of their bodies, but also for the health of the planet.

Registration is free and by signing up below, you will gain immediate access to our full 21-lesson curriculum, lesson slides, and engaging videos that emphasize the key points of each lesson. We'll also provide you with basic training videos to guide your instruction. We hope you and your students enjoy the program!

Feedback? Questions? You can always email us: office@greenbeetz.org